Last week my sister, a couple of friends and I visited 'Dos Amigos' Restaurant in Kirkstall, Leeds. Having never tried Tapas before I was apprehensive, normally a bolognese loving picky eater, I am reluctant to try new things! However this restaurant came highly recommended by my sisters work colleague!
The restaurant itself is at the bottom of a row of terrace house and there was a small room that seated around 20-30 people, along with some seating outside which I bet is lovely in the summer! As a large group it did seem to get very noisy at times in such a small space, but I didn't notice any complaints!
The actual food was lovely, 'Dos Amigos' recommends ordering three small dishes each, which we did to share between the five of us. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the wild boar or salmon, but I guess it is a quiet season and proves that they do order in fresh food!
Service seemed a little bit slow at times, especially with drinks, but there was only one young man serving around 5 tables, so I think he was doing the best he could!
As a Tapas newby I was very impressed with this independent little place. Being able to try a bit of everything was perfect for a fussy eater like me, and the cosy atmosphere made a nice change from a main stream, chain restaurant. I can't wait to take some other friends here, but I might hold off for the summer and get a seat outside!

*Unfortunately I didn't manage to get any photographs; but here is the restaurants website; Dos Amigos

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  1. Mmm I love tapas! I hope you can go back when it's nice and sunny so you can feel like you are in a lovely Spanish town!
    X Hayley-Eszti