This past month has been chaotic, yet amazing! Firstly I started University, doing a fabulous PR course and with some of the loveliest people I have ever met! My best friend Laila landed her dream job as a Production Manager Apprentice at none other than, the BBC! Unfortunately this meant she had moved to London for training for a month, and then we have just found out she will be placed in Manchester until February 2014! All scary new stuff but very exciting! Then, to top it all off, my sister gave birth to a pretty big 8lb 6 little boy, Lucas Nathaniel, on Saturday 5th October! He is utterly adorable – just like his cheeky big brother Sebastian!

It’s a rare thing when all the big changes are good positive ones, and I am thoroughly enjoying the happiness!

I am adapting well to the Uni/Work balance, managing 3 days at work and only 2 days (what a great timetable!) at University per week. I have learnt lots of already that I have instantly been able to put into practice, and I’ve been making great use of my fabulous new stationery

It’s great having a whole bunch of new friends that are new to Leeds, and now all the Freshers festivities have died down, I am looking forward to helping them discover new places to go, eat and drink in Leeds – Headingley and Call Lane and on the top of the “night out list”

If you had the chance to show a group of new people the best places to go in Leeds, where would you take them?

Let me know!

Michaella x

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