Up until this year, I have never really been one to make resolutions, not seriously anyway. This year I decided that I would set myself some practical and achievable challenges that wouldn’t leave me feeling disheartened by January 3rd!

My first resolution stems from my unhealthy obsession with Spaghetti Bolognese and my love of dining out. Combine the two, and I have probably tried all the Spaghetti Bolognese’s on offer across Leeds! But, in an attempt to cure my addiction and widen my pallet, I have made the resolution to not order Spaghetti Bolognese in a restaurant for the whole of 2014 – so far so good. Admittedly, I have only really eaten out once so far – The Pit in Chapel Allerton – a trendy, cool restaurant/bar that falls under my favourite Arc Inspirations brand. I ordered and thoroughly enjoyed a Pulled Pork with Apple Sauce sandwich.. Which I managed to eat nearly three quarter of – an achievement for me!

I have also eaten some delicious homemade soups and even a homemade Chinese Chicken Curry with Spare Ribs – again which I definitely enjoyed! I am slowly curing my fear of trying new foods and it is clear to see I have been missing out!
 (*note “homemade” was not by me – I might be trying new foods but I am still a terrible cook!)

My second resolution was the common, “kick my nail biting habit” – a bad bad habit that I have always had but had recently actually made me feel quite paranoid. In one of my many previous roles as a cashier in a bank, I used to make the effort to have my nails did – with tips, acrylic and gel. All of which, although making my nails pretty, made them weak and damaged. I also went through a stage of perfecting my nail painting skills.. and have amassed a rather large collection of different polishes.. but recently my nails have been looking scruffy, neglected and very unprofessional. My drive to start growing and looking after my terrible talons came from my lovely nail loving friend Charlotte who bought me a beautiful Caviar nail set for Christmas, which I am determined to use! And HEY.. 15 days in and still going strong. I haven’t bitten my nails, I have groomed them and painted them and my sorry looking nail beds are now tidy and healthy. HIGH 5 TO ME! – I am very proud of myself, and have no special secret except for determination and a love of hearing my long nails making a tapping noise on the desk!

A fabulous start to 2014 if I do say so myself!

What were your NY Resolutions? And how are you doing 15 days in? Let me know!

M x

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