Why is it that, you spend weeks with nothing to do and then everything falls on the same weekend?

I was fully booked for the whole weekend, kicking things off with a girls family trip to the new Grand Indian Lounge (see my previous posthere), a spontaneous Saturday lunch at Piccolino’s in Wetherby with Adam followed by a night out in Leeds for Chelsea’s birthday and then a hung-over drive to see my favourite temporary Mancunian Laila!

1.       Chelsea is a girl that once asked me for a light, and now we’re friends for life. Okay that’s a long story cut short, but we both used to work at the White Rose and always got the bus home, and we have been friends for a few years now, through boys, break ups and babies. Chelsea isn’t someone I see all the time, but when I do it’s like no time has passed, she is funny and honest and a fab girl to be around so I couldn’t say no to a birthday night out! Me, Chelsea and 3 of her other lovely friends started the night at Sky Lounge which is a bar on the top floor of the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Leeds. It has panoramic views across the city, a cool and luxury interior and outdoor balcony area and amazing cocktails. I indulged in my ever present Gin love, and ordered a Tom Collins. I can’t stand flimsy little cocktails that could be gone in two gulps, so this full glass of lemony crisp gin goodness was perfect for me. At times, the Sky Lounge can be full of people that are a bit pretentious, or sleazy but generally it’s a great place to go if you’re feeling a little glam and flush and want to mix with some nice people. 

(I bumped into my friend Callum / Me and Cinzia)

 We carried on the night in Fibre on Call Lane, which aside from it’s slow understaffed bar always tends to be a good night where you bump into lots of familiar faces. A cold Mcdonalds and in bed for 4am was how the night ended, it was great to go out with a new bunch of girls – I am getting a lot better at getting on with girls! Go me!

2.       The drive to Manchester the next day was not ideal, but Me and Meeka had decided to visit Laila one last time before her return to Leeds. Meeka has just got back from NYC so had lots to tell us and Laila did some digging and promised to take us to the best burger place in Manc! And to her credit, she wasn’t wrong. ‘Almost Famous’ situated in the Great Northern Warehouse (which houses All Star Lanes and the AMC Cinema) has a no nonsense approach to burgers. With its achingly cool d├ęcor, complete with near life size cow, and a simple menu, we were impressed from word go. IT was a grab a table, order at the bar job (an incredible bar too!) and although the staff and their attitudes were casual they were very helpful, explaining the menu and the sauces to us (Famous Sauce and Redneck for us!) and catering to our fussy wants! As part of my quest to not just order the norm, I went for the double cheeseburger with pulled pork and redneck sauce, and OH MY GOD.. Now I am a slow eater, painfully so, but this baby was gone in mere minutes. It was possibly one of the nicest burgers  I have ever had (or maybe that was the hangover talking) I don’t know.. nor do I care, but I know I could have eaten several of them. Top marks for Laila for her selection, everything was great and so in keeping, from the trendy glasses to the roll of kitchen roll that was plonked on our table instead of napkins! Unfortunately we didn’t have room for dessert but the milkshakes and sundaes looked phenomenal too! I can’t recommend this place enough, it was a great place to catch up and relax. The sweet potato fries and their seasoning weren’t completely to my taste, but the girls loved them. To see what my friend Laila thought of our date, read her fab blog ‘The Nomad Style’ HERE!

I really have had an amazing weekend, with some fabulous people. It all went just too fast. But hey, next weekend consists of Harry Potter World, The Theatre, London etc. etc.. so maybe just maybe it will beat this one!


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