21 BEFORE 21

I am a list writer. A compulsive, addicted list writer. When things are a bit hectic, or I am feeling unorganised, unmotivated or generally lacking perspective, a good list using a nifty bit of stationery is like my Xanax. 

At the moment, life is pretty dandy, I’m genuinely feeling very happy (as my #100happydays challenge will tell you) work is good and I’ve just started back at Uni.. but after such a long stretch of part time laziness over the Christmas holidays i am a feeling a little deflated. So to pool all my ideas, and get me on track I have decided to compose a list, 21 things to do before I am 21. (That gives me 26 Weeks/182 days (and counting) to tick them off. The idea is that these will be a mixture of practical and beneficial things, as oppose to fantasy New Years Resolutions (although for the record my resolutions are going pretty well!) So here goes..

1. Complete 2 Placements for Uni: 
As much as I love my job and it compliments my course perfectly, It’s time to widen the net, investigate the areas I am into and get some alternative tastes for PR. So I will get my CV polished, sacrifice my holidays and bulk out my portfolio!
2. Write at least 21 Blog Posts: 
I’m realising that as much as i enjoy blogging, it can be hard work and takes a lot of commitment. But I know it will hugely benefit my University course, open up opportunities and hopefully become part of routine. Less than 1 a week should be bare minimum really!
3. Have some international plans in place:
Whether this be studying abroad (when I finally pull my finger out and finish my application), a fantastic holiday or a travelling adventure. Stop saying, start doing. Put those savings to good use.
4. Go paperless:
I love stationery and paper. Obsessively so. But at the end of last year I finally managed to consolidate all my calendars and let go of my beautiful paper diary. There are some paper things I can’t physically give up (Elle Magazine, Books, PR Week (smells and feels so good!) but I am going to figure out a reliable to-do list app, look into iPad magazine subscriptions and stop printing out every University powerpoint. Save the trees and all that.
5. Develop a skin care regime: 
Up until 19, my skin was pretty much blemish free. But it seems puberty finally kicked in and ruined my skin, greased up my T-Zone and played dot to dot on my nose. I have my eye on the Clinique 3-step regime. Time to get it in place and working before someone mistakes me for a pizza :O
6. Cook 21 dishes: 
My resolution of trying new foods and staying away from Spaghetti Bolognese is going well so far (just the odd lapse) but I am a terrible lazy cook, and although that won’t change over night, perhaps I can attempt just 21 dishes (only 1ish per week) from my unused cook books to improve my skills?
7. Keep my photo albums up to date: 
I love to look through my photo albums and think getting them printed off rather than relying on Facebook is essential. But I am racking up boxes of prints that haven't been put into albums yet, I need a free weekend, scissors and patience! 
8. Paint my nails 21 different colours:
My NYR was to stop biting my nails and let them grow and be healthy. So far so good. But in order to congratulate myself, prevent the biting and make the most of my ridiculous varnish collection, I am proposing 21 polishes?
9. Visit Scotland with Laila: 
We have been saying we are going to visit some old holiday friends for well over a year. This needs to happen.
10. Save at least another £1500 and pay off my overdraft: 
Saving is working for me lately, staying out of my overdraft not so much. But in order to make next year as good as possible I need to be on top of this!  
11. Add 21 good contacts to my linkedin profile: 
Modern networking at it’s best. I meet lots of different people that could benefit me and my career in the long run. Time to get those contacts on lock down.
12. Delete 21 people off Facebook: 
I’m sure this won’t be difficult to do. No time to Facebook stalk and moan about people I don’t even care about - time to delete and forget!
13. Get at least 2:1 in all my summer exams: 
Goes without saying, and should not be a problem. Buckle down and do your reading Michaella!
14. Be a super bridesmaid: 
15. Throw 21 things away from my wardrobe: 
So I will give myself a head start of about 9 items I have waiting to go to the Charity Shop.. but another 12 items need to go. Time for a wardrobe update.
16. Finish the Gossip Girl box set
After watching the first 5 series back to back I stalled at series 6, and now it sits getting dusty on my shelf eager to tell me what happened to Serena, Blair and the rest of the gang. 
17. Cancel my Gym Membership and go for a run:
The gym isn’t happening for me. It’s just costing me money. I’m not saying I will be a good or committed runner, but it’s free and I read it’s great for de-stressing and reflecting on your day. Something I definitely need to try!
18. Get a hair cut:
I love my new bob cut, and I aim to not leave it 6 months before I get it cut again and then need 5” of dead ends off. Maintenance is key.
19. Get a pedicure: 
Nearly 12 Weeks in bandages and crutches to be bunion free and get feet I should be proud of and yet they’re so neglected. I need to get over my fear of toenails and get me a pedicure. 
20. Do 21 nice things for people I love: 
Sometimes I forget about the people in my life that I love, and that love and care about me. Sometimes I worry that I am not a good friend. So I want to try do 21 nice things for the people I love. I’m not sure I can rack up 21 different people, but I will try spread the kindness fairly!
21. Stop at 21 pairs of shoes: 
So on a quick count, Im already racking up a total of 16 pairs, taking heels and boots into consideration, but not cheap flats. I’ll allow myself up to 5 more and that’s it. But considering I have my eagle eye on 2 pairs already, this probably will be harder than it sounds!

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M x

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