Rosie's Diner is a new 24/7 American Restaurant has just opened at Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road. Situated among a large cinema, several food outlets and next door to a (frankly over-rated) night club.
I am all for everything Breakfast, especially American style so I couldn't wait to head down there and try out their yummy breakfast menu!

First impressions were a bit of a mixed bag. Every effort has been made to make this diner authentically American.. Reds and Chrome, Hell, even a big yellow school bus with tables and chairs inside, but oh.my.god – the SMELL. The fumes from the fresh paint and varnish was almost unbearable (infact a woman and her 2 children left because of it) but we tolerated it, one because it wasn’t their fault – it’s just a consequence of the newness, two because we were so desperate to try it and three because we both were pretty hung-over so it was probably a lot less worse than it actually felt.
The big yellow school bus was converted with seats and tables! Brilliant for kids and parties!

It was very quiet when we went in, and therefore with little to do and being generally new and eager, we were looked after by about three waitresses who checked that we had ordered and had been looked after. This could have been annoying, but I am very understanding of the desire to please and give great customer service especially in a new job. I ordered the fresh OJ and the Waffles with Berries and Cream, whilst Adam opted for the American Breakfast and Super Berry smoothie.

And it pretty much went down hill from there. The waffles were cold and crispy and the berries were so over run with Cranberries (I think) that it was too bitter and over powering to enjoy. Adams breakfast was just very so-so, nothing special – except the Hash browns which I am informed were amazing! The smoothie again, a little too thick and cranberry to enjoy. If it wasn’t for the OJ, It would have been a complete disaster!
We did feed this back to the polite waitress but we weren’t really fussed enough to make a complaint. Over all it seems that there has been a lot of effort put into the place and the décor, that the food is lagging behind. We do plan to return to try the dinner menu (burger, hotdogs, ribs just sound too good not to try!) and maybe they will make up for their shoddy breakfast. Plus according to their website the meat is sourced from Yorkshire and local markets!

Open 24/7 next to a busy nightclub, poses more problems too. When are they going to clean up the mess that the (mostly students) will make at closing time, as well as managing the revellers? (Mcdonalds next door has no less than 3 bouncers/security men on an evening!)
At the moment it seems that it’s a case of all the gear and no idea, because good décor and a friendly vibe can’t compensate for crap food.

Hopefully when or if we get back to try their main menu, we can have our minds changed, but until then… we sadly won’t be recommending Rosie's.

(To see the full menu etc. visit their website here: www.rosiesdiner.co.uk)
The Love Hearts with the bill were a cute touch!

M x

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