Second semester of my first year at Leeds Met is well underway, but unfortunately I can’t kick this nagging feeling of disappointment.  It seems now the newness of settling in, making friends and finding out what the hell PR is, has worn off, I am feeling a little deflated with the course.

I had a meeting recently with my personal tutor, who whilst recognising my concerns, suggested that maybe I was just expecting a little too much from University. But, at knocking on 9k a year, surely expecting a lot from my cash and time investment is not a bad thing?

My friends will be the first to say “that’s what you get from going to Met” and some of my class mates might enjoy the fact that the course content just isn’t very stimulating or challenging at the moment, but if you know me for the nerd I am, academic challenges are a necessity for me!

I have realised, from life, and more so from my varied employment, that some people do not offer up what you expect them to, they lack the same energy drive and ambition as you do, despite holding a more senior position and they often expect a lot less. 
In this situation, it has left me feeling extremely frustrated. But, as life has taught me so far, I am not in a position to let the short comings of others hold me back, and so it is with a renewed source of energy that I am in a bid to turn my frown upside down!

I have just received the fantastic news that I have been offered a place at the University of Western Sydney, and as of July (to Feburary 2015) I will be heading off to live with family and study PR in the land down under. If that isn’t something to be excited about, then I don’t know what is!
My trusty, supportive Personal Tutor has saved the day and sent off my reference and I have told work that I am set to leave!

I have also been trying to dedicate more of my own time to furthering my PR skills. I have been writing and preparing more blog posts (I hope you’re noticing!), I have been reading (and actually ENJOYING) PR Weekly magazine, I have compiled some positive to-do lists, got some great notes and ideas for my upcoming assignment and have spent the afternoon reading and seeking inspiration from the blogs of various other PR students. 2014 is not a year to dwell, or let the actions of others stop me from achieving my goals. 

Another bit of advice that my Personal Tutor gave me after I chewed her ear off with my complaints was, "Don't change" - and I definitely don't intend to!

I hope you enjoyed these toothy old photos from my last visit to Australia when I was 13! With Koala's, Kangaroos and on the Harbour Bridge in Sydney!

Next stop, securing some work experience. 


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