In my defence, I took advantage of 2 excellent offers when I splashed out at Body Shop and Boots. First off, Body Shop. If you ever pay full price for anything in Body Shop, then you are a fool. They always have some kind of offer or deal on, and this particular one landed in my inbox recently. "Get £25 off when you spend £50" - £50 worth of stuff for just £25.. I could.not.resist!
I was just about to write that I wan't a regular Body Shop shopper, but considering I spent a fortune only a few months ago at Christmas, perhaps I am! I ordered online and had this bundle of joy delivered to me. I also ordered a Camomile Eye Make-up Remover and head band which is a god send when I am washing my face/applying make-up .. I mentioned these in my Clinique post from a couple of weeks ago, take a look...
 Let's get started, I picked up this Rainforest Volume Shampoo and Conditioner on a bit of an impulse. I am currently using and almost running out of Aussie Hair Shampoo and Conditioner - my hair isn't (and hasn't ever been) coloured, and it isn't particularly dry, so I always opt for the volume increasing option. These have 'pracaxi oil, guarana seed extract and aloe vera' in them, and most importantly - they smell lovely too! The only downside to online shopping is not being able to smell them first! I can't wait to put these to use, and hopefully they will encourage me to wash my messy hair more often!!
 I use the Bourjois Délice de Poudre Bronzing Powder normally, after my mattifying pressed powered and before my mac contouring blush, to get an all over glow. I have never truly been happy with this product, despite repurchasing it. The coverage is not great, and I find it develops a coating over the top which I have to scrape off to get any colour at all! I thought I would order this one from Body Shop as it didn't look to have any of that unwanted teenage shimmer in it and it was very pleasing to the eye. I have only used it a couple of times, but so far it is winning me over and I am pleased I purchased! It just helps to give my miserable, winter skin a nice summer glow.
 Heading over to Boots and their irresistible 3 for 2 offers (and who isn't always looking to get those advantage points!) I picked up another Eco Tools 'Large Powder' brush to use with my new bronzer. The brush I was using had a very small head which wasn't suitable for sweeping all over my face. I use the Eco Tools foundation brush too and I am very happy with that so I gambled on this. Again, very happy with this, it works excellently with my new blusher, big enough to sweep the bronzer evenly across my whole face -  winner!
 I also wanted to try something *new* and seen as I pretty much have my skin under control, I have diverted my attention back to my eyes. I picked up this Maybelline 'BROWdrama' sculpting brow mascara in Medium Brown, without much expectation. I try to get my brows threaded (when I can afford to/be bothered to/in the mood to tolerate the pain) and pencil them in where necessary. I lust for thicker natural lashes like my blessed friend Laila, and to be honest, this is the next best thing. The mascara like wand had a rounded end, and when this is combed over the brows it magically makes them look thicker and fuller, without the tell tale stroke lines or unnatural colouring. It is so quick and easy to use daily and combined with a pencil on an evening creates a fantastic, fuller natural looking brow - it's much easier to get them even this way too. I really recommend this.. and I can't believe I was so doubtful when I picked it up!
The last item in my haul was this Rimmel London 'Scandaleyes Thick and Thin Eyeliner' - I don't really know why I picked this up - this could be a whole post in itself really. I normally use the Rimmel 'Exaggerate Eye Liner' which gives a fabulous intense colour, but can sometimes lack precision. I was trying the Eyeko London 'Skinny Mini Pen' which I am sure I got free in a magazine, but I am just generally unimpressed with eyeliner pens. The Rimmel one seemed to give a fantastic intensity when I sampled it on my hand, but when I apply it to my lids, they both really lose their colouring and don't seem to sit correctly. I don't know if they struggle to sit on top of make-up/foundation, but it's useless. I do use them to perhaps draw out a more precise line and wing flick, but I have to go over with my Exaggerate liner afterwards otherwise it just looks faded and smudged. After the Eyeko experience I shouldn't have bothered, but at least now I know that pens just do not work for me!

Have you had a better experience with Eyeliner pens? Is there a certain technique and I am just doing it wrong? Please, please let me know your secrets!

M x

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