Last month I was incredibly lucky enough to supervise on an amazing work/school trip to the WW1 Trenches in Belgium.Visiting in the 100th Year Anniversary was an unbeatable experience, but it also meant that I would have the opportunity to go a little bit wild in the Duty Free on the Ferry.
On the way there, I managed to be super good, but on the way back, our ferry was left hanging out in the English Channel for three hours because the insanely windy weather was making it too dangerous to dock. Seen as the students were so exceptionally well behaved, I spent my time spending my money on the things I had, had my eye on for a while. (the fact it was payday too didn't help!)
First up, the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum. I love to try new perfumes, although I am a Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb kind of girl full time, it's nice to have a choice for different occasions. It was a serious toss up between this and the new special edition Marc Jacobs ones that were delicious. I finally opted for this and am extremely glad I did. I am rubbish at describing perfume smells, but this floral scent feels really soft and musky, in no way over powering, but still long lasting. It smells like a very 'grown up' scent and gosh, the bottle is b-e-a-utiful too; just what my bookshelf was calling out for!
The Lancome DreamTone serum was an extremely naughty purchase. I have had my eye on it for a while, I have heard great things about it - and when I visited Manchester just after Christmas I managed to wangle a sample out of the counter at boots. This is so soft and silky on your skin and really evens out imperfections. I have to admit, I haven't cracked open the bottle yet as I am awaiting for my Clinique 3 Step to take full effect and for my skin to be in great condition - I don't want this to go to waste! This was nearly £15 cheaper in the Duty Free too - it doesn't take much! I will definitely tell you more about it when it becomes a regular in my routine!
Another naughty purchase was the Dior Skin Nude, the "Skin-Glowing Makeup' with SPF 15. I first tried this foundation in a sample I actually got in a magazine. I have been looking for a new foundation that provides more coverage than the L'Oreal CC Cream I had been using, without being too heavy on my skin. This was the answer to my prayers. Another silky product, it went on evenly creating flawless coverage. Unfortunately the shade range in this is very limited, and if I was being picky it could be a smidgen too light, but only if I was being picky! I use my Eco Tools foundation brush to apply this and I must agree it does make my complexion become "instantly even, fresh and radiant" as promised. It is a perfect compromise between a CC Cream and a foundation. I love it.
First up, the Urban Decay 'De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray' I didn't actually buy on the Ferry, but I did get from Debenhams last week when I was with my extremely bad influence friend Charlotte. I eyed this up last year and was undecided, Charlotte has being using the Mac one and recommended it, but this one was only £9 for the smaller bottle and my love for the Naked Palette (1) and the eyeshadow primer, swayed me. This mist, when sprayed over make-up promises to keep foundation, shadow and blush from sliding or fading, keeping skin "looking beautifully matte" too. Perfect, what more could I want?! It was like a psychological battle spraying something wet directly into my face after spending aggess perfecting my makeup, and at the moment I aren't sure if it does work well. It dried very quickly on my face and didn't leave me feeling stiff or tacky (like it does when I make do with hair spray - oops!)  but I went out and got v.drunk, so it was hard to measure it's effect! Must try sober.
Last but definitely not least, the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch Highlighter. I have read a lot about this and have lusted after it a long time. I, like many others thought this was a concealer at first and would have probably used it wrong if I hadn't of read up on it first. I never used to be a highlighter person, but since picking up a great one from Topshop, I love the way it looks on my face - especially when my make up savvy friend Lucy notices (check her out here!)! I can't wait to try this out some more and fall even more in love. Although, just looking at it is pleasing me right now!

I think I definitely need to control my beauty purchases after this lot, (although a Boots and Body Shop haul was just around the corner). Have you tried any of these products? Which do you love?
Let me know!

M x

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