During the Half Term holidays I spent a lovely day with my two beautiful nephews, my sister and my mum at Flamingo Land.

Since 2011, Flamingo Land have been encouraging winter visitors, by opening on selected dates in November-March, to target the little ones. The big rides are all shut down (giving quite an eerie feel to the place) and just a few small rides are running along with full access to the Zoo and The Muddy Duck Farm.

(These beautiful tigers were so affectionate towards each other!)

It was only £10 to enter per adult (kids go free) and it was really nice for the little ones to be able to roam a little, without older children pushing and running and, or having to wait in hour long queues.

We only took Sebastian on two of the rides (twice!) and spent the rest of the day roaming the zoo, and playing in the climbing area/pirate ship part! There was definitely enough to keep us occupied the whole day and after a quick stop for chips and dips we were ready for off!

I would definitely recommend "Winter at Flamingo Land" for anyone with little children looking for ways to spend their time during the colder half term holidays. As for the rest of the resort, it is looking very old and tired these days, and although there was a lot of work going on in preparation for the high season, it's going to need more than a lick of paint to restore it to it's former prime!

M x
(top photo from www.flamingoland.co.uk < click here for more information too!)

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