#nomakeupselfie.. what’s your opinion?

The social network motivated campaign has seen ladies up and down the country (and worldwide I hazard to guess) sweeping off their makeup and donning their natural faces in a selfie to raise awareness for Cancer. Cancer Research has seen a £2million donation spree over the last week from the #selfie trend, but it hasn’t been without much criticism - especially from the ‘know it all’ idiots on my Facebook feed.

At first, I admit… I was dubious. I was seeing these *interesting* photos, but there was no sign of a donation, and like many others, my thoughts were - “well whats a photo going to do?” But then, when I saw more people posting their £3 donation texts, I was won around and even gave it a go myself when I was nominated by my beautiful friend Becky…
The arguments I have seen on Facebook range from, Why is it such a big deal for women to go bare faced? Why aren’t they confident enough to do so anyway, why is it such a big deal? I understand the point, it would be great if women felt confident in todays society to go au natural. But they don’t, and one status isn’t going to change that. Personally, I wear minimal make-up through the day, but still, a just woke up, baggy eyed mug shot doesn’t do anyone any favours! (And I am shocked by how different some people genuinely look without makeup, and in cases how much better those that wear excessive amounts look when they are natural!)
Secondly, I got involved in a discussion about the people who were posting their donation text pictures being “attention seekers” - now this one, I completely disagreed with. Yes some people do enjoy the attention, and rightly so.. it would be nice if everyone donated, volunteered and raised money and awareness all the time - but unfortunately again, society doesn’t work like that, people cant afford to - both in time and money. Like one person wisely put; “does it matter what the motivation is, if the outcome is the same?” -  yes the reasons behind people doing this are different, but at the end of the day, money has being raised, awareness has being raised and there has been that sense of community spirit “doing good” on social networks - and hey, after NekNomination anything goes right?

Sometimes it is too easy to see the negative and post an opinionated defensive status, but nobody can deny that this has been an extremely successful campaign that wasn’t even started by the charity themselves. - Power of the People, hey?!
(my beautiful friend Laila from Nomad Style going au Natural with her amazing brows!)

If men can do Movember for Prostate cancer, why can’t our ladies get involved too. And I must admit.. I am loving the pictures of males with a full face of slap that keep popping up on my news feed!
(my crazy sister Rebecca going turbie selfie)

Get involved by taking a #nomakeupselfie, texting Beat to 70099 and nominating all your friends!

M x

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