(We even treated ourselves to the £10 programme, Bex got the tour top and we both got a cheeky RH. keyring!)

My Sister and I spent some quality time together last week when we we went to see Russell Howard at Sheffield Arena. 

Russell is the man, my sister would most like to marry. And, although I do regularly enjoy his BBC 3 programme "Good News" I haven't really been on the Howard Hype.. until now. We may have paid nearly double the price on Ebay to get an exceptional 6 rows back, but it was worth it.


Unlike some of the demanding Diva's I have seen of late, Russell started on time and was funny from beginning to end. It managed to feel so intimate despite their being over 10,000 in the audience, and his clever Northern jokes, made the show feel so personal to Sheffield. He was very light hearted and easy listening despite touching on some tricky topics like the BNP, the BBC scandals and Trolling on twitter. Unlike other comedians, his swearing was not over powering and annoying, he didn't sweat buckets or have to rely on his gestures to get him through.

The end was a real delight too, during "question time" Russell took some great selfies and licked a bear-like man's nipple. A real special treat, was a Lady sitting just a few seats away for us, who had arranged to get on stage and propose to her non-the wiser boyfriend in the audience. It took him a painful while to get round to actually saying YES, but he got some great laughs with his, "I just came out for a few drinks and to maybe get my Percy out later, I definitely didn't expect this" - What a guy!

(A blurry shot of Russell preparing to lick nipple!)

Having only seen Peter Kay before I was worried that comedy shows weren't my bag, but I beamed and laughed from start to finish. I wish we had got tickets for when he brings his tour to Leeds, but I think I will have to just settle for the DVD release instead!

(For more information on Russell and his Wonderbox tour, visit his website:


M x

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