I was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of my half term in the Lake District with Adam, his two sisters and their partners, and Adam’s best friend and his girlfriend.

Despite the (worrying) jokes of “they’re taking you away to a remote location to do you over”… It was a fabulous weekend. We rented a big ol’ house called Tenterfield that fit all 8 of us in very comfortably and after a very windy drive we arrived late Friday afternoon. The house was huge, with 2 double bedrooms, 2 twin rooms and 2 bathrooms, a pool room, a large kitchen/dining area and 2 sofa areas. It was the right mix of clean, comfortable and modern – genuinely a home from home!
A crazy Tesco shop (with all 8 of us) ensued – and reminded me why I still live at home with my mum and refrain from supermarket shopping – we bought a ridiculous amount of crisps, lemonade and of course alcohol and proceeded to spend the evening getting drunk and playing pool – just as holidays should be!

On Saturday, after a nice lie in and a cute communal breakfast, we headed to an actual lake, where we rented *traumatising* boats for an hour, despite the choppy water and the cold wind and rain! (The guy assured me that on a scale of 1-10, safety was at about 9 – Which made me feel a little better, that is assuming 1 was certain death and not the other way round!)

We warmed up after in the cute river side ‘Bluebird CafĂ©’ with hot chocolate, marshmallows and yummy brownie!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spend playing (mostly drinking) game, pool and cards and eating some good grub – thank GOD for Adam’s sisters and the slow cooker!

I also made a new friend, in Adam’s pals Girlfriend, saw breast implants in the flesh for the first ever time, made a *WINNING* willy out of play-dough and generally had the best drunken relaxing time!

Maybe we didn’t make the most out of the beautiful scenery and walks that the Lakes have to offer, but after consuming about 100x the recommended amount of alcohol between us, getting anywhere via those windy roads just was not something that appealed to us!
*Although Adam’s sister did venture out to Broughton Village Bakery – that was nominated one of the Top 3 Bakeries in the UK by ITV1's "Britain's Best Bakery" – for more brownies, rocky roads and pie!*

For more information on Tenterfield and other cottages in the Lake District please click here: www.sallyscottages.co.uk/tenterfield 


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