Last weekend, Adam and I had planned to spend Saturday in town visiting some places in Trinity that we have been waiting to try.
Leeds is a great place to live and the City Centre is brimming with shops, restaurants and things to do, from the new Trinity Shopping Centre to Victoria Quarter and the West Yorkshire Playhouse. It’s rare that I get to spend some time exploring the city, without being in a rush or having lots to do.
First stop was ‘Notes’ in the Trinity Kitchen. Leeds-List rated it in the top 5 places for pancakes in Leeds - my favourite! - so I had to try. We both ordered the pancakes with berries, Adam chose lemonade and I asked for fresh orange juice. They didn’t have any orange juice ready, but the guy told us to give him a couple of minutes and he would have some freshly squeezed for me(!) - it was amazing!
*Soppy Attempted Hearts*

Breakfast came to about £16 for the both of us, they were lovely, but they were definitely lacking something - clotted cream, or ice-cream would have really complimented the pancakes and berries. There are several other breakfast options and they also serve other foods throughout the day. 
We went on to do some shopping to help build up our appetites for dinner, I picked up some new flat shoes from Clarks. I have been after a sturdy pair of flat shoes for a while, I am fed up of poor quality primark pumps and thought my tootsies deserved something better. I picked these 'Angelica Slice' flats up for just under £40 and I have been wearing them particularly with trousers for work. They did rub a little bit at first but they are starting to ease in more now, and I just used a little vaseline on the sore areas to stop any blisters forming. Adam bought some new light jeans from Topshop!
We also called into the Corn Exchange as there was a Vintage Fair on. Whilst it was nice to look round, unfortunately I am clueless on Vintage and far too lazy to rummage through all this stuff!
Roast+Conch is a Cafe/Restaurant by Hotel Chocolat that has opened up recently in Leeds. My friend Laila told me about it and said we must go for dinner, but me and Adam decided to call in for a hot drink to warm us up and get out of the cold. Despite the initial confusion with an old menu that was on the tables, we got two hot chocolates with the most amazing chocolate cream on top. I definitely recommend. We sat for a while reading the Guardian paper like civilised beings, keeping warm and drooling over the delicious smells and the chocolate we could see them making from our seats! We also picked up some chocolate from the Hotel Chocolat shop on the way out - how could we resist?!
For dinner, we headed back to Trinity Kitchen, which for anyone who doesn’t know, is a food hall in the new shopping centre which is composed of some great food outlets including Pizza Luxe, Chip + Fish, Pho and 360 Champagne & Cocktail Bar and also a selection of *street foods* that are changed every couple of months - meaning there is always something new and exciting for you to try. I have tried the Vietnamese food at Pho before with my friend Meeka and it was very nice! 
After drooling over my friend Charlottes instagram pictures of Chicago Rib Shack we were so excited to try their ribs and wings! We ordered two meals (Chicken Wings and BBQ Ribs) with some Chicken Strips too. I don’t particularly enjoy the mess that comes with eating Ribs, and it’s a good job that this wasn’t a first date because it wasn’t pretty. Adam wasn’t so keen on the wings, and although it all looks amazing, I wasn’t bowled over by the food. I probably won’t be in a rush to try it again, and it wasn’t the cheapest either. I am so eager to try the burritos at 'Tortilla' in Trinity though - I am a ridiculous Barburrito fanatic and I want to see whether they measure up!
We spent the evening in with a bottle of wine, eating some of our Hotel Chocolat chocolate and relaxing. We also whipped up some fantastic breakfast on Sunday morning too.. Breakfast definitely is my favourite meal of the day!
If you have tried any of the places in Trinity Kitchen, please let me know what was your favourite!

M x

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