Peaches Geldof

Of course, everyone has got something to say about Peaches Geldof. Lots of good, lots of bad and then some downright inappropriate.

When I first saw the news that Peaches had died at the incredibly young age of 25 my heart really did sink. Yes, she is a celebrity that I never met nor knew, but for those that followed Peaches on twitter or instagram it was hard to remember that you didn't actually know her. 

Though I vaguely remember her "wild child" days, it's the loving funny Peaches that I "knew." The mother who campaigned for and promoted Attatchement Parenting, that shared hundreds of photos and videos of her with her two young boys and constantly communicated with her followers, primarily other mothers, on everything from dog trainers to the best, irritant free baby wipes. And let us not forget, the woman who put Katie Hopkins in her place on national television. 
Peaches had recently moved to the Kent countryside to perhaps live a better purer life with her young babies, and that is definitely what it seemed like to the public. Of course, they have formed their own opinions - something which I agree they are entitled to, but human nature should serve them the ability to keep it to themselves. "DRUGS" / "Just like her mother" -  these psychic coroners are screaming out. It is with great sadness that the last photo Peaches shared was one with her late mother, Paula Yates. I, for one, really believe that this is not the path that Peaches went down.

But hey, whether people knew who Peaches was or cared for her - the facts remain that she was too young to go, and left two gorgeous little boys that she so blatantly doted on and adored. As an auntie to two boys of a very similar age, that in itself is heartbreaking. I couldn't begin to imagine the grief and the heartbreak that her family is feeling. And after all that publicised dedication she presented to her children, they will undoubtedly, forget who she was.

I will briefly touch upon Cosmopolitans "Peaches best looks" feature that ran within hours of the news breaking out online, what insane insensitivity! I am so glad that my Cosmopolitan readership ended a long time ago, and how they handle the justified back lash on twitter I am looking forward to observing. Working in and studying PR involves a lot of work with the press, and this working relationship is heavily strained when you see cameras camping outside and news crews broadcasting life from Peaches' family home. Is it all really necessary?

The final thing that I thought about whilst scrolling through the hashtags and twitter comments, was something Robert Minton-Taylor said in a recent lecture. Sending a tweet or writing a status in the time of crisis (in this case death) is meaningless, insensitive and too easy. I disagreed with Robert on this. In this particular circumstance, Peaches had built up a community of loving followers and admirers via her heavy social media use - it seems fitting that those people are able to share and express their grief through this medium too. Peaches' family and friends are able to read the touching and warming things that people have to say about their beautiful daughter, wife, sister, mother. I know that of the young people I know that have died, their families have been overwhelmed with the happy memories that people have shared with them and yes 140 words can be easy and meaningless but I know for many, myself included, that the thought didn't stop at the tweet button. 

Times of crisis really do bring out the worst in people, and highlight the crassness of social media. We have now come to expect those keyboard warriors hiding behind their fake usernames and their low self esteem to have something disgusting and callous to say, but the thing that annoys me, is how people are so eager to compare tragedy and 'trump them.' Yes mothers die every day, yes soldiers are dying and people are suffering - but it is not a competition

For those who followed Peaches, for those who are mothers, for those 20-odd year olds who think they have it all figured out and their whole loves ahead of them and for anyone who appreciates the sadness of a 25 year old woman having her life cut short and leaving 2 babies behind, this is an awful tragedy.

I hope the family get some closure soon, and I hope the cruel twitter trolls and the joke makers never have to suffer the same devastation. 

M x

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