Recommended Reads for PR Students

Personally, I believe that Lectures and Tutorials are just a small part of the way in which you can build up your PR knowledge and experience. Following a lecture where we touched on the benefits of CIPR Student Membership, I decided to explore/compile a list of ‘out of the classroom’ resources that you can use as young PR students and practitioners to extend your know-how and understanding, especially of ‘real life’ practising public relations.

In this post, I haven’t included the obvious, professional bodies (CIPR/PRCA) nor have I included many personal or student blogs as I am planning on creating separate posts on these two fantastic tools but these are well worth checking out, subscribing to and reading.

In her own words, Heather Yaxley is a “self-employed hybrid practitioner-academic-educator-consultant” - or as I would call it, “Very Busy!” - She is a trainer for the CIPR as well as a part time lecturer (not at Leeds Met unfortunately) and also fits in some time to blog too, wow! I can’t remember how or when I stumbled across Heather’s blog, but it is a very easy read. She covers different PR topics in a way that even us mere students can understand and if you scroll back through the archives you will find some advice for us kids just starting out in the big bad world of public relations. Enjoy at your leisure.

Stephen Waddington is the CIPR President, Ketchum employee, co-author.. (the list is endless) and someone you should probably have on side. You could start by reading his blog, his books or even attending one of his lectures/speeches. 

A fantastic new space on the internet from the Leeds Met PR students. A place where students can publish their thoughts, ideas and experience - definitely somewhere where you can learn a lot from people in the same position as you and also where Lucy posts placement vacancies as well as other key info, get it bookmarked!

A website I haven’t really had much to do with, but whilst researching for this blog post, I see I have been missing out. This website promises research, stories and news from thought provoking people as well as a “little PR happiness” - on first impressions it seems like a really relaxed, light hearted archive of PR inspiration and knowledge - definitely worth checking out.

PR Daily seems a touch more formal than PR Moment, and compromises a really healthy mixture of marketing, social media and media relations, events and training. There is a lot of content to work through and I have just signed up for the Daily news feed email as a place to start. You can submit your own stories as well to PR Daily so it could be a great place to get some portfolio pieces published.

I am sure it has been drilled in to you how important it is to keep up with the News and world events. I try to balance news apps with The Independent through the week (Honestly I just like the detailed diagrams) and then alternate between The Guardian on a Saturday and The Times on a Sunday to get a balanced view. It is so hard to read them all because there is SO MUCH content and supplements and sometimes they fall on to the “to read” pile and of course are then out of date - leaving me feeling like I have wasted my money. The Times have this excellent student offer for just £20 giving you great access to online content and features as well as 2for1 cinema passes, 50% off food and a whole host of other extras. I think it’s definitely worth the money and I will be signing up come pay day!

I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know all that much about this website/online magazine that is tailored specifically for students and young practitioners. It crops up a lot but I haven’t taken a lot of time to get to grips with it. They cover everything from book recommendations to PR news and really help promote student bloggers and social media users. The editors are also lecturers at Leeds Met - Richard Bailey and Robert Minton Taylor and this is such a great platform for interacting with fellow students and professionals country and world wide!

As a student CIPR member, I get this delivered free each month and I have just started really enjoying this 90-odd page bible of inspiration. It’s really great to be in the loop, and it’s not as *boring* as you might think, I have read some fantastic insightful interviews and case studies and as sad as it is, I hope that one day my job change, or promotion will feature amongst those glossy pages. 

I hope these come in useful, even if you only read 1 or 2 of them it's so important to remain up to date and maintain an active interest in the profession you are dedicating so much time and money to get into. It is not enough to simply rely on those few contact hours a week, so try squeeze some of this in between all the required reading you have too!

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  1. You may not know much about Behind the Spin - but we already know about you!

  2. Thank you Richard, I have definitely being using the site more recently - it would be rude not to when you keep recommended my blog! Thanks again!