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'Wednesday morning breakfast', has become a tradition in the Biscomb household. My dad is a creature of habit, and it's hard to prize him away from the Toby Carvery but this Wednesday I wasn't at work and managed to convince him to let us try something new; Samuel Valentines.

Samuel Valentines is a local Cheesemongers, Butchers and Cafe that opened up in a neighbouring village a couple of years back. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to visit Samuels, but I have heard lots about their unbeatable BBQ meat, their breakfasts and their "Yorkshire Spin" Tapas evenings.
Their current offer of two cooked breakfasts and a hot drink for £10.95 was perfect for my dad and brother in law, and I opted for the bacon sandwich. It was all very delicious and in particular the fresh bread that was served with my bacon was perfect. My dad was a little unsure about the sausages (he's very hard to please) but he is planning on bringing some friends for breakfast in the next couple of weeks - which is my Dad's way of giving it his seal of approval. 
Aside from the actual breakfast, Samuel Valentines is a very homely place. There are shelves bulging with fresh preserves, unusual beers and other fresh foods, they have photographs and press cuttings on the walls and on the tables which is a lovely expression of how they have worked hard to achieve success. The service was really fantastic, the only suggestion would be to serve the hot drinks just before or with the hot food, as we nearly finished them before breakfast even arrived.
I picked up a Malteaser Chocolate slice to take home which I devoured later that afternoon, and it was not short of heavenly whilst my brother in law purchased some burgers and fresh bloomers for tea.

I have definitely been missing out on this local gem, who are very interactive on social media and communicate well with their customers (top PR marks there!). I will be keeping an eye out and definitely attending one of their up and coming Tapas nights too.

Check out their website here for more information

M x

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