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At the weekend we were invited out for dinner again with Adam's sister, her boyfriend and some friends, this time to Sant' Angelo's Italian restaurant in Wetherby. Sant' Angelo caters for everything from family meals, to weddings and parties and also hosts regular live music nights.
But let me start from a purely PR perspective. When Samantha first told us about the restaurant I, of course, did a quick google to get a feel for the place and check out the menu - My gosh Sant Angelo - your website is indescribably hideous. I know this shouldn't matter, but it is such a poor reflection on the restaurant itself. So much going on in every single colour, and so much information you wouldn't know where to start. Had we not have been invited, I would have taken one look at that website and booked elsewhere. The big shame is, I tweeted the restaurant that evening and they replied to me the next day, they have 3,000+ followers and a Facebook page - they are well UP on the whole social media, but the website itself (the most important bit!) is such a let down!

You will find I have a lot of mixed opinions about Sant Angelo's - some fantastic and some that could just be fixed with a a little effort. Personally it felt like Sant Angelo's is having a bit of an identity and communication crisis. The whole Ice-Cream and Sweet Shop thing is a little confusing, I am assuming they stay open during the day? I'm not sure.

The bar staff on arrival weren't the politest. We were sat waiting for our table to be ready for nearly half an hour after our booking time (which we spent celeb-spotting news reporters!) and it wasn't until I got up and spoke to the bar staff that they 'remembered' us and led us to our table.
So it wasn't a great start, but I am happy to say, it got better from then on in. The service we received in the restaurant was wonderful - even with our very fussy and confusing ordering! Between the six of us we ordered a fantastic range of starters and mains. To touch on a few of them, the prawns were a big hit with the pretty much professional prawn enthusiast (Samantha!) and the garlic bread pizza's were delicious for sharing around the table.
The various steak and meat dishes were cooked to perfection as ordered and enjoyed by all, although perhaps the chips could have been included with the steak meals instead of having to order them as a side - especially as the steak came literally on its own.

I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese (NYResolution out of the window!) and I didn't have anything to complain about. By then the wine was starting to get to my head a little bit and I didn't manage to finish my meal, but what I did was very pleasant!
We didn't go for a dessert as we were off home for drinks, but we did eye up the ice cream counter on the way out. There is a club above the bar and we discussed how amazing a flavoured Ice Cream would be on leaving the club at 3am.. I wonder if that is a thing there? - Like I said, it's a little bit random!
I was very confused by Sant' Angelo. You couldn't have asked for more from the food and the restaurant service - which I guess is the most important thing - but the initial greet and waiting time was a real let down and I do feel like the random sweet thing(?) and the tacky website just really badly reflects the sophisticated dining experience that they offer.
There is a large balcony outside for Al Fresco dining during the summer months and regular live music nights too which I imagine are really good fun. I don't know if I will return to Sant' Angelo perhaps my curiosity will get the better of me and I will have to return just to see whether my concerns were a one off and whether I can figure out what this place is really all about.

Please visit their hideous website here and try to find the menu, but don't let it put you off. It fortunately does not reflect the food or service you will receive

M x

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