The Beehive - Thorner

 If you haven't figured it out already, I love eating out. So when we were invited out for Sunday dinner with Adam's family, of course we said YES!

I have never visited The Beehive in Thorner before so I was very much looking forward to it, and after checking out the menu beforehand online - I was thrilled to see they served Sticky Toffee Pudding as part of their exclusive Sunday menu.

We arrived a little earlier than our dinner reservation for a pre-meal drink, and there was a great space next to the bar with seating to accommodate all 14 of us, away from the main diners so we didn't upset anyone! I was drinking Vodka and Cranberry fyi which is normally reserved for late saturday nights but was actually really refreshing and lovely! We also had a large table away from the rest of the diners which I assume is used for large parties and functions.
The Beehive offer an exclusive Sunday Menu, (on a clip board with a bull dog clip of course - as everyone seems to these days!) with One Course for £10.95, Two Courses for £14.95 and 3 Courses for £17.95. Initially Adam and I planned to share a starter but the lure of Smoked Chicken Pâté and Leak and Potato Soup was too strongPâté isn't something I would normally order, but as my quest to constantly try new things is still on going I went for it, it arrived on a fancy slate tile, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The soup was nice too but I'm glad I chose the Pâté!
Whilst Adam went for the Beef, I chose the Pork Loin dinner with a selection of potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire Pudding. Unfortunately I didn't eat much of the pork, it was very fatty, and the small amount that wasn't fat was very tough. There was a lot of crackling, including some long 'sticks' or crackling (which my mother would have loved!) which although I am not a fan, I tried, and everyone else ate for me! The rest of the dinner was lovely too and I sensed a general sense of enjoyment across the table.
I literally couldn't wait for dessert and made sure there was plenty of room left for the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Nearly everyone on the table ordered it, and it was delicious despite the dates! Surprisingly I didn't quite finish it all I was that stuffed - but Adam happily obliged to finish it for me!

The only other comment I would make is that service was a touch slow. The main restaurant didn't seem too busy and I know there were a lot of us, but we were sat with empty plates in front of us for a touch longer than was okay and in particular the dessert took a while to arrive. Fortunately when there is so many of you, we managed to keep ourselves very entertained in-between courses so it wasn't too bad! The service in general was very lovely though and the staff were extremely pleasant, helpful and accommodating. 

The waiter also informed us that they are part of the Taste Card scheme now too, so Adam and I are definitely thinking about returning to try out their weekly menu for a great 241 price!

Check out The Beehive website here for scrumptious pictures and their full menus!

M x

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