The Twisted Burger Company

During a particularly lazy Sunday, (think not leaving my bedroom and hammering Netflix) we decided we were craving burgers. Thanks to a quick Leeds-List search for the best burgers in Leeds we headed to the ‘Twisted Burger Company’ that has taken residence in Aire Bar, Leeds.
We managed to nab a parking space literally outside the door, but my advise is not to let the unimpressive front put you off. Walking downstairs was a little bit embarrassing - the football was on so it was quite busy - but the TV was literally above the door - meaning all eyes were on us as we strutted down the stairs! Aside from that, it was very cool, exposed brick, pool table atmosphere. We must have looked a little lost but a lovely waitress quickly jumped up to see to us, ask if we were dining and telling us to grab a seat and she would come over to take our order.
We got a cute little table at the back door overlooking the river, and not in view of the football (muahaha) and got set with the menu. The menu is cool - even though the font is a little crazy on the eye. I went for the ‘Pig Daddy Kane’ - compromising beef burger, pulled pork, american cheese, bbq sauce and chorizo and apple jam (yum!) and Adam chose the ‘Super Supersize Me’ with triple beef burger, streaky bacon, sauce and cheese. We couldn’t resist the ‘Pig Pimpin’ Fries’ with pulled pork, cheese and sauce either - pulled pork is definitely ‘having a moment’ lately.
During April, the Twister Burger Company is offering 50% off burgers, so long as you are following them on Twitter and/or Facebook so don’t forget to let your waiter/waitress know that you are before you settle the bill!
Big burgers are of course a nightmare to eat - I did a lot better than Adam - and having a napkin dispenser on the table was literally, the best idea ever. I really enjoyed my burger, it was really filling but didn’t leave me feeling stuffed or pogged which was awesome. The fries were a little bit much after the massive burgers - plus the size of the pulled pork pieces were a bit too big so I wouldn’t fully recommended them but there were loads of other side order options!
Overall we were very impressed with the Twisted Burger Company, we passed on dessert and so the bill was very pleasing too with the 50% discount. The staff there were really friendly, close enough to give them a shout if you needed them but not being uncomfortably close or constantly checking on us, it made for a very relaxing, chilled out experience.
It was my first time in Aire Bar and I would definitely go back for a drink on an evening, I imagine the vibe and atmosphere is really nice and chilled - my only other comment is that the lemonade tasted a little cheap - but that’s just me being very picky!

Definitely recommend to satisfy a naughty burger craving! - and you can check out their full menu on the Aire Bar website here

After dinner we went for a nice little walk along the river to dream about apartments we would love to live in and also build up an appetite for dessert - which happened to be chocolate wands from our visit to Harry Potter world in January whilst we were sat back in front of Netflix! Ah, what else are Sundays for?

M x

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