Dubai: Day One

 Nursing a rough tummy following the first night's house party, whilst abiding by Dubai’s strict no eating or drinking in public through the day during Ramadam, was not ideal.. but to distract me, Elliot took us to THE Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world!

It was surprisingly quite quiet, but unbelievably massive. We went to the indoor aquarium that I had read about in my lonely plant guide and really wanted to see. There was a massive tank in the middle of the centre and we paid about AED 125/£20-25 to go inside, via the shark tunnel. After the first of many over priced and awkward green screen photos the aquarium was pretty cool. Elliot fell in love with the Otters, the Beavers were cool and there were some massive Crocodiles and a night-time creatures section with owls and bats!

We took some photos outside the impressive Burj Khalifa and bought some tickets to go back on Saturday. It was warm and we were starving - all the food places were closed due to Ramadam - so went went home and ordered a Wagamamas! Of course I didn’t eat much (do I ever?) but I think I had passed feeling hungry after waiting so long for food.

In the evening we went to Barasti Beach Bar a popular bar with the expats. It was so so so busy because of the football, but the mixture of people definitely made watching the football more fun to watch. I stayed on water all night - I cannot hack it  - but the alcohol here is quite expensive and the drinking age is 21 here. We spoke to a lovely couple from Ireland and a couple of Londoners/South African guys who had been out in Dubai for 6 years +. Everyone is super friendly and it’s easy to strike up conversation with random people, which I love!

After the football we called it a night and headed home :)

M x

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