Dubai: Day Two

 Saturday was a lazy day. We waited in for 2 hours for Sushi (!! Everywhere delivers here - including Mcdonalds!) and I alternated between the stupidly hot balcony and the much needed Air Con apartment trying to get a tan! 

Later in the afternoon we grabbed a taxi to JBR Walk, which is a recently built up area with a lovely beach, restaurants, shops and a souq. We walked in the very warm sea water up the beach before seeking refuge in an air conditioned hotel and heading back. The weather in Dubai at this time of year is pretty unbareable, the humidity is really bad and the warm winds hit you as soon as you open the door/wind the window down - air conditioned taxis are a must - and not very expensive. (note - the bus stops here are closed off and air conned too!)
In the evening we headed back to Dubai Mall as we had 8pm tickets to go ‘To The Top’ of the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world that houses commercial offices, apartments and Girogio Armani’s personally designed hotel, it is a striking element of this “vertical city”. Amazingly this only took about 5 years to build.. and has 28,601 glass panels covering the tower. (trivia fact for you!). 123 floors later in the lift and you hit the observatory deck where the views across Dubai are incredible. Although you don’t feel as high as perhaps you think you would - seeing the City lit up at night is pretty spectacular and probably beats the view through the day!
After the Khalifa we had dinner at a “real tasty” restaurant, The Meat Co. which was beautiful inside and my burger - despite only managing half just fell apart in my mouth, it was delicious and the service was excellent too - with our fab waiter, Fortune. 
Then of course we had to stay for the Fountain show, again reportedly better in the dark. The LED lights sparkle across the lake and the fountains go in time to the music. Sometimes this is traditional music, but I hear Michael Jackson’s Thriller is fantastic too! These were beautiful although mostly watched through a screen (as most things are now!) as I really wanted to make sure I got them on camera. Designed by the same people as the ones in Vegas apparently, these are slightly bigger and really are a must see and beautiful to watch

We finished the night at the Zero Gravity Bar, at a sky diving site, watching Costa Rica lose to the Netherlands and sipping cocktails. 

This night we got one of the white Lexus taxis back - as oppose to the standard Toyota Dubai taxis. Both are safe, but the Lexus’s are just more expensive (substantially!) so you should really avoid them if possible - unless its 3am and you’re in the middle of nowhere!

M x

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