A lecture form Greg Beazley - Fear. Not.

 "Nothing in this life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to 
understand more, so that we may fear less."
Marie Curie

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This week at UWS I received my first Australian guest lecture from a man called Greg Beazley. The focus was on overcoming fears and challenges and as well as being very engaging, Greg touched on some things that I felt I could really relate to.

Moving to the other side of the world to study can be pretty scary, but it's something that I have done, and that I am incredibly proud of myself for doing. When I am worried or scared or nervous about doing something, I developed a little tool to help make sure I do it, and it's all based around embarrassment. Telling everyone what I am planning to do, puts the pressure on me to actually do it. I don't want to look silly if I chicken out! The time I cut 8 inch of my hair to donate to charity, I told everyone 3 months before and stuck by it - I couldn't back out on charity! How embarrassing!

And when I decided Australia was the place I needed to be, I told everyone I was going, I told my boss, I told my new boyfriend, I wrote it down in my notice letter to work and I went ahead and booked the damn flight. The shame of not going overtook the fear of going!

So back to Greg, he rightly stated that "Once you know what to EXPECT it’s not as scary, Being PREPARED makes it easier/less scary." From my experience, this is also means research and talking. Talk to people who have done it before, put yourself at ease.

He also listed five key things when it comes to taking on a challenge and tackling fears:

1.     Acknowledge your fears
2.     Break the challenge into bite size chunks
3.     Tackle one at a time and gain momentum
4.     Don’t lose sight of the end goal – but be flexible with the outcome
5.     Remember to congratulate yourself when your achieve something


The next thing Greg spoke about I felt was more relevant to achieving your goals and being successful. He suggested finding a job that interests you, find the job you want to do. Then breakdown the job description - what do you know? What don't you know? How can I learn those things?

I felt this was really relevant, after a recent visit to my University industry mentor at M&C Saatchi Australia. My mentor is just a genuine, nice, regular guy. A guy that clearly worked hard, figured out what he needed to do to be where he wanted to be, and got there. It reminded me that, anything is within reach with hard work and determination. 

I've been thinking recently about which industry I would like to go into when I finish Uni, and after the lecture I went to the library, searched for the topics and took books home with me. If that's where I want to be, I guess I better start taking the initiative and figuring out how the hell I get there. There's nothing like a good guest lecture to get me motivated!

Some more handy tips that Greg shared was creating a vision board and sticking it next to your bed. Review it annually and add pictures of all the things you want to achieve - a house you'd like to live in, a car you'd like to drive, a company you'd like to work for, a holiday you want to be able to afford, anything that makes you get up out of bed on a morning and inspires you to work hard.

He also suggested some relevant blogs to keep an eye on. Which could be a great addition to the previous post I did on Recommended Readings!

And of course, Watch more TED and less TV!

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.

M x

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