If you’re part of the rat race then, by default, you’re opting to be a rodent.

Elite Daily is fast becoming one of my favourite websites. Yes they have some ill-written, shallow garbage on there sometimes and the catty comments from keyboard warriors at the end of every article are so frustrating, but they sometimes post some excellent, thoughtful and relatable articles.
I recently stumbled across one entitled "50 Things Late 20-Somethings Need To Realize After Their Quarter-Life Crises." Now at barely 21 I hardly consider myself "20-Something" and I'm not quite in crisis mode yet but there were still some points that really resonated with me.

But I thought I'd share some of my favourites here...

If everyone in the world were happy then nothing would ever get done. There would be no innovation, no progress, because there would seemingly be no problems nor motivation to create change.
I think this serves a reminder that great things can come from bad times!
Not everyone deserves to be happy, to live a great life. Some people simply haven’t earned it.
I've never really thought about it like this before. I have often forgiven people for bad things they have done, and worried and cared about people's happiness and success when actually they don't deserve to be worried about at all. People are responsible for their own happiness and not everyone deserves peace and forgiveness.
There always has and always will be those that are on top controlling the game and those below being used as pieces on a board. While you may not be capable of being a chess master, you can refuse to be a pawn.
This reminded me of a recent conversation on "the secret powers and actions of the Government." I'm over it. Of course I care and am conscience of what's going on in the world, but I also accept that there are far more important and powerful people than me and that's fine. It doesn't have to affect how I go about my life and what I achieve. 
There must be leaders in our world because most people choose to be followers. It isn’t necessarily right or wrong, it’s just the way it is.
I choose to be a leader.
Not everyone can or should attempt to lead. Whether leaders are born or made, most people aren’t capable of managing.
If you’re part of the rat race then, by default, you’re opting to be a rodent // You can’t – literally – become rich working for someone else. It’s actually impossible.
I decided to return to education and University when I realised low level 9-5 was not for me. I'm not saying I want to be a millionaire (although I'm not saying I don't either!) but I am determined to do better and be better.
Your body is your temple and your mind your library. Both need to be maintained.
So I still have a lot of work to do on the body is your temple bit!
Your life would be better if you had fewer people in your life. Most people are more poisonous than anything else.
I remember leaving school and for a good couple of years thinking I had no friends. You'd see photos on Facebook of groups of girls all having fun.. but then when you saw then individually they had nothing nice to say about the rest of the "gang." I soon realised quality over quantity every day, and I may not have the most friends in the world, but the ones I do have, have nothing but happiness and support for me.
There is no better teacher than a broken heart.
So true.
The media exists not to give you information, but to sell you ideas.
This seems to crop up a lot in the degree of "spin" and "how to lie to people" that I'm doing. But so what? You don't have to buy these ideas. Educate yourself to make informed decisions, gullibility is your own responsibility.  
A democratic country isn’t ruled by a president. Therefore, all the problems a country has shouldn’t fall squarely on his or her shoulders.
I love this. I'm so bored of, "Oh the Government this, oh the government that" take some responsibility on yourself, or at least be reasonable with the blame. A random sink hole appearing in my village back home has caused the busiest of busy bodies to complain and slate the local MP's or the "Government" on Facebook. The road is being fixed, the "Government" could not have magically foreseen of fix all your problems. Get a grip.
For the human race to survive indefinitely, we will either need to impose strict regulations on reproduction and consumption, or find another planet to expand onto.
This reminds me of the really interesting projects one of the students did at the school I used to work at. He talked about whether "The Human Gene Pool needed a lifeguard" and whether we should restrict or monitor people having children and whether people should be assessed before just having children. I definitely think so, and I tell everyone about that students extended project!
The goal isn’t to sleep with as many people as possible, but to find that one person you want to sleep with for the rest of your life. No, it’s not easy. But yes, it is possible.
More people should share this goal.
Never settle for less than you believe you deserve. You live once. Don’t settle for subpar in anything you do.
Long before "The Fault in Our Stars" claimed the phrase about love, an old friend once said to me "You're only worth the value you put on yourself" - she doesn't even remember saying it but it has stuck with me since, and I often pass it on to other people. Whether this be in love or relationships or anything else. Never sell yourself short. Never Settle.
Those that matter most to us need to be reminded how much they matter to us.
Sometimes I feel like I don't make enough effort and it's even harder right now. $25 later I hope the postcards I sent home remind a few people that they are always in my thoughts!
You have all the answers to all your problems. Stop making so much noise. Instead, quiet down and listen.
I agree with this in life and also in education. Nothing grinds on my like people who don't even try to figure things out for themselves. I'm all for helping people but not those who can't be bothered to help themselves and just use their brain.

I hope this article is interesting to you too. Let me know your favourite points.

M x

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