International Lovers

 Okay, so not quite lovers. But as an ode to the new friends I have met, and to showcase the kind of amazing people you could meet if you are brave enough to take on an exciting Study Abroad experience, I thought I would share some social photos of my time so far!

Danielle is from St. Albans near London. She studies Business at Herfordshire University and is out here for a full year. You can read her cute Australia blog 'Danni down Under' here. Danni let's me sleep on her sofa, make a mess of her impeccably neat and organised bedroom and is a rebel drunk!

Princess Chiara! Another Herts Uni student from Essex! She's studying International Business and she'll be here for a year before heading to Europe for more work experience and studying! A high maintenance sweetheart she makes me belly laugh like I never have before even when I can't understand everything she is saying!

Haley studies Music Industry in New Orleans and is originally from Long Island, New York. Here for six months, Haley has taught me the importance of "pre gaming" and Beerpong. She answers all my annoying questions about America, Frat Parties and Sororities and shares my crippling need for a Go-Pro. (Oh, and she has the perfect ass!)

Here's some group shots of some of the other amazingly interesting people I have met. Including Felix from Sweden, you can read his blog here: and Greg from Arizona who blogs here. Both incredibly lovely, sweet guys! Some of the other girls are from Canada, America and Europe.

As well as some very welcoming lovely Aussies, a Brummy studying a PHD who I bore to death with University talk no doubt and of course some other dodgy characters who are best kept at arms length I have never been surrounded by such an eclectic mix of people. There's nothing I love more than meeting new people, listening to their stories and most importantly learning from them.

Just like when I started at Leeds, I was worried not living on campus would make it harder to make friends, but again I was proved wrong and have literally made some firm, inspiring friends for life already. 

M x

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