The PR, Marketing and Advertising Clash

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I still find it funny that when I tell people I study PR, they tell me all about the billboards they've seen on the side of the road, or the "problems with TV adverts these days." Whilst it is exciting that PR, Marketing and Advertising entwine frequently in the industry I know that PR is definitely my area, I am definitely not creative enough for Creative Marketing and Advertising. 

We are currently working alongside an advertising group of students on a mock "communications campaign" for Pizza Hut. We have a mentor from M&C Saatchi guiding and advising us and it's really cool to be working on something that will be so transferrable to real life.

I really love the creative ideas that other professionals in the communications industry come up with, and whilst doing some research I came across this awesome website with the best creative ideas.. which of course can be supported by fabulous PR methods.

I already shared this link on twitter but I didn't want it to get lost in my newsfeed. I can't decide which ones are my favourite but I particularly love the ones that are for a good cause or a charity. Those excellent ideas on a small budget are most impressive. Check them out for some creative inspiration and embrace the creative industry we are working to be a part of!

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