My Week..

What I did this week:

This week was the second half of my Easter holidays. It was a busy long weekend and it was Adam's birthday on Tuesday too! For his birthday I booked us our first skiing lesson at Snozone, Xscape. We would both love to go skiing abroad, but having never tried it before - thought it would be best to get some lessons first! We LOVED it - and can't wait to go back for Lesson Two!

For Adam's birthday, I also bought him the Jason Manford DVD of his "First World Problems" 2014 tour.. it was really funny - I do love good northern humour!

At the weekend, Adz football team won the league and his picture was featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post on Wednesday.. #WAG.
(He also started a new job role this week too! ;) )

What I found online this week:

A couple of things I read or watched online this week, includes this blog post from fielekefrontporch.com - titled I'm not a liar but Facebook sure is. This article was shared amongst my Facebook friends and is a very true, thought provoking read. It's very easy to forget that what people post on social media is a very selective, edited version of their lives and a lot of the not so good stuff is often left out - nobody likes to admit failure - let alone read other peoples whingy rants! I love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt which kind of sums up the dangers of comparing your life to other peoples online personalities: "Comparison if the thief of joy"

I also really enjoyed these two TED talks that I watched on Youtube this week. The first by Monica Lewinsky - honestly the presidential affair was before my time, but Monica talks about the cost of humiliation, slut shaming and online cyber bullying that is incredibly relevant to the now. Again very thought provoking, honest and well presented.

My final Youtube video before I stop procrastinating and get some work done is another TED Talk by Bel Pesce entitled 5 ways to kill your dreams. A very simple, digestible breakdown of where you might be - or might end up - going wrong when it comes to achieving your goals.


What have you been up to this week? Did you find anything interesting online worth sharing?

M x

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