School's Out for Summer

Having just clicked submit on my Internal Communications essay and spent a couple of hours polishing my online portfolio, I needed to take a moment to gather my thoughts, write them down, breathe and say (an almost) goodbye to Second Year.
I have one presentation left to do on Tuesday, but with a weekend away to look forward to in two days time, I am starting to unwind and relax already.

Second year has being incredible. From studying, living and exploring Australia for seven months, to returning to my old (boring) life, but actually genuinely enjoying the Semester two modules. Digital Communications and Internal Communications have been really interesting and although Communication Campaigns has been global chaos at times, it's been a unique learning curve, and we have a trip to Borneo to look forward to, thanks to GlobComm and Leeds Beckett University.

So, as a lot of my friends are getting ready for fun summers or big moves to start their Placement Years, my summer is rapidly filling up. Having decided not to do a placement year and having had the luxury of an early, amazing summer at the beginning of the year, I committed myself to having the busiest 3-4 months, cramming in lots of work experience, placements and opportunities.

After a lot of organisation, networking, cold calling, getting lucky and determination, I have all but filled my whole summer, from the last week of May to mid-September with work experience and already have some exciting things in place for when I return to third year.

I have arranged a mixture of public sector, charity, agency, in house and festival PR placements, which I hope to share more about on my blog as the summer goes on. I have managed to keep my birthday week (5th August, don't forget!) clear so I can spend this year with my family and Adam, (I turned 21 in Australia last year!) and I have also managed to get some part-time cashier work for a catering and events company for a couple of weekends over the summer to get at least some money coming in.

Although I know I will be exhausted, I am looking forward to being busy, learning a phenomenal amount, building my portfolio and returning to Leeds Beckett in September feeling positive, motivated and determined to secure a first.

I also need to spend the summer thinking about my dissertation proposal for final year. Although it doesn't need to be submitted until December, I'm hoping to gain some ideas and thoughts from the PR professionals I will be spending my summer with. I have a couple of ideas whirring around in my head at the moment, but who knows, my whole mind could change after a summer of different experiences. 

With little free time in my diary for summer, I plan to get the very most out of any days off with lots of summery activities and trips and hopefully keep the educational mindset by getting round to some of those PR books that have been sat in my Amazon wish list all year.

I am optimistically promising myself that I will be blogging regularly and trying to get some use out of our DSLR and Go-Pro that haven't been dusted off since we got back from Australia, they do say if you want something doing, ask a busy person, right? And I definitely am more productive when I am crazy busy!

Anyway, Adios Second Year.
I wish all my friends good luck in their amazing placement years and although it will be weird without most of you next year, I'm excited to kick ass in Third Year!

Let me know if you are doing something exciting over the summer, of if you have any helpful dissertation ideas or advice!

M x

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