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(Although this video has only a tiny bit to do with this post, it sparked it off, it's excellent and everyone should watch it!)

I’m a Facebook addict. It’s true, I know – I should quit. But, a daily look at my time hop proves I’m getting better, I don’t post half as much as I used to, I try to restrain myself when it comes to arguments or preaching (unless it’s voting season, yep, I’m one of those preachy people) and my general time line is a lot less depressing than it used to be.

As in life, as you get older you realise you don’t have to be friends with everyone anymore – in life or online, cutting people out of your life whether it’s the guy from school you were never really friends with, or a close friend with whom your relationship naturally became unhealthy for the both of you – choosing quality over quantity and being a little bit more selective has proven to have a positive effect on my mood, happiness and general life.

But back to Facebook, there really isn’t anything like a terrorist act, a refugee crisis or even just a shitty written article in The Sun to show the true thoughts and mentality of people on your friends list. Although of course I do think I am right all.the.time, I am open to other people’s opinions. I know that some people have different priorities and thoughts and hell, that’s all fine if you’ve taken more than 10 seconds to do a little research into the facts, rather than share these thoughts and opinions alongside a randomly captioned photo or an almost laughable ‘Britain First’ post.
Perhaps I should try take some time to change these people's opinions, influence them in some way or open up the suggestions of credible sources and research, but sometimes I just don't have time to fight that losing battle. 

I think  know sometimes I let the actions and thoughts of other people affect me personally. I let it consume my thoughts, stress me out or make me angry but as I am getting older and hopefully a little wiser, I am starting to reign this in and put a stop to it. I’m as guilty as anyone for gossip, or a little Facebook stalking or just actually giving a shit about something that is NOTHING to do with me,  and as sad as it is, Facebook is a big part of that. It allows us to hold on to meaning-less relationships, it gives us the opportunity to cyber-stalk our ex, or compare ourselves to people that are in completely different life stages to us, and just as in life, for me – a regular Facebook cleanse is an absolute must, to help keep my stress and anxiety down and my happy, what I don’t know doesn’t hurt me attitude, up.

Currently, I have 785 friends on Facebook – WHAT? In real life I probably have a handful of people I call friends, so why do I have so many of these ‘online friends’? Okay, some are friends I have made around the world that I can’t pop in to see on a weekend, some are old work colleagues or school friends that I just genuinely like keeping up with, and seeing how they are getting on. I’m at a point in life, where seeing people I know succeed and do well brings me happiness, motivation and inspiration. Even if it’s someone I would only ever say Hi to on the street, those kind of positive people are the kind of people I don’t mind being friends with. But the guy from school I saw buying drugs last week? – Unfriend, The ill informed, can’t be changed, racist ex-colleague – Don’t get wound up, just delete!, The cousin you haven’t seen in 10 years but feel like you should be friends with on Facebook, but is definitely working on commission for all the Britain First articles he shares? – DELETE DELETE DELETE!

We can’t live in a world where we ‘delete’ everyone who disagrees with us, but that’s not the case. I love debates, and discussions and hearing peoples informed opinions and views. I love to see what people I only met once are doing, if they’re doing something fun and interesting!
But balls to everyone else, balls to upsetting the girls from school that you never see and don’t care about – nobody likes being unfriended on Facebook, but does it even matter? I’m sure I lost a tonne of friends during election season because people don’t wanna hear that either, but that’s fine, delete away!

So as my rant comes to a close, I’m off to start my Facebook purge which I do think genuinely contributes to a happy and healthier mind. I recommended you all have a good cleanse from time to time – online and in real life!

M x

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